Psalm 119:105

Lamps and Lights


“Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path”, (Psalm 199:105).


Lamp for my feet and light for my path? Isn’t that the same thing? When I first read these words, that was the thought that entered my mind. Then I remembered my time in land navigation training and the Word of God became clear. I have shared that story with you in sermon, but there are so many great stories where this verse shines.


One night my friends and I thought it would be a great night to do some night fishing. We loaded up the boat, went to Percy Priest lake near Junction City, Kansas, and put in near the dam. The sun had just started setting, but we intelligent army dudes figured that we could easily remember how to get back to where we launched.


We trolled out of the cut, got the boat on plane, and within minutes were in the middle of a perfect spot to do some fishing. The minutes turned to hours and the sun’s shining warm rays were traded for cool moon light. We drifted, laughing, chatting, not caring about a thing (and not catching any fish). It was a fantastic night.


When we decided to turn in for the night we quickly came to a realization that we had no idea where we were. As we scanned the bank looking for any sign of the dam, we noticed lights that we never considered. House lights, dock lights, marina lights, street lights, but no sign of the light that we “took note of”. The lake was massive, so driving around aimlessly was of no use. Our phones were dead, so that was out of the question. While we had a compass, without a map of any idea of where we were, it was also useless. We were lost.


As we were about to turn on the engine, we heard something hit the side of the boat. Investigation led us to tree stumps! We were in low water. This meant that we could not go quickly or we would damage the boat. Things were getting tricky. We had boat lamps, so we knew we could go slowly and avoid danger, so long as someone was keeping watch. So we slowly used the trolling motor to navigate us through a dangerous area and back into safer waters. That front lamp guided us and kept us safe in the midst of danger.


Once we got clear, we noticed a small blinking red light. It was as if God Himself opened our eyes to remember that on the dam there was a blinking red light marking construction. We turned on the engine and made our way toward the light. It guided us back to where we knew the right path to get home.


The lamp is for our feet to get us safely through the days of our life, regardless of circumstance, it lights the way to avoid tripping. The light for our path lets us know where we are going. It highlights our destination so we can make a sure heading.


In Christ,

Pastor Jacob