Peace be with you

John 20:19-22


In John 18 we read about Peter denying Jesus 3 times. Perhaps this is a story with which you are familiar. Peter is the disciple that always seems ready to go, ready for a fight, and tends to jump before thinking (seriously, he chopped off a mans ear). This same, ready to fight for Jesus Peter, is the same that denied knowing Jesus!


Now let’s get back to John 20.  Remember, this is after the denial, after the crucifixion, after the empty tomb, and the disciples are locked in a room because they “feared the Jews”.


Jesus suddenly appears in their midst. What does He say? Simple: Peace be with you. He then showed the disciples His hands and side, told them He was sending them as He was sent, and then: “He breathed on them and said, receive the Holy Spirit”.


Jesus did not criticize Peter. He did not beat him down, look at him less, or do anything of the sort. Instead Jesus shows up with the message of Peace, and gave the gift of the Holy Spirit.


What about your life? Have you been following Jesus the way you planned? Or perhaps you stumbled and are living in a way that denies Jesus? Today you can change and get back on track. Jesus is not going to hold it against you! Look at how He enters back into the life of Peter, and proclaims PEACE!


I pray that you would let the peace of the Lord shine in your life, calm your trouble, ease your spirit, and gently beckon you into a deeper fellowship with Him.


In Christ,

Pastor Jacob