Here I am. Send me.

Here I am. Send Me.

Isaiah 6


Imagine, if at all possible, what it would be like to be pulled into the presence of the Lord. I imagine it would be awesome; though I am not referring to the same miniscule level of awesomeness that we often cheapen the word to mean. I mean it would be awe-striking. The very essence of the word itself, to be placed in a state of awe. TO bear witness to the glory of the Lord, no words could describe.

This is exactly what happens to Isaiah, as the Lord grants him a vision. Isaiah sees the Lord seated on a “high and lofty” throne, the train of His robe filled the temple.  Above Him are angels with 6 mighty wings: with 2 they cover their faces, with 2 they cover their feet, and with 2 they fly! The angels sing out: holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Armies; His glory fills the whole earth. As the voices of the angels bellowed, the temple shook.


The beautiful thing about Isaiah is that he was deeply aware of his sinful nature. He says that he is ruined (meaning his death is near) because he is sinful, lives among sinful people, and his eyes have now seen the King, the Lord of Armies.

Even if you were not as intimately aware of your sinfulness, being in the presence of the Lord would instantaneously make you aware of your sinfulness. The question this possess for us to answer is this: are you aware of your sinfulness, your need for salvation, and the magnitude of which the Lord has covered your sins?


Now imagine further: the Lord calls out, “who shall I send? Who will go for us?”

OH I would be remise if I did not point out the Trinity shining here! Who shall I send – Unity; who will go for us – Trinity!



Isaiah instantly responds: Here I am. Send me!


Notice that Isaiah didn’t wait to hear the errand that would be ran. He did not wait to hear the mission. He didn’t know the destination, the task, or any details. The only thing Isaiah knew was that God was seeking someone to go. Perhaps if Isaiah knew, he would not go.


DO you hear the voice of God calling out: who shall I send? What is your response? Perhaps the question is asked differently, it often is. Often the question is placed upon you as a burden: why doesn’t someone do X to fix the issue; or perhaps, why hasn’t someone started X ministry! This is God calling out: will you stand up, will you start this ministry?


What is God calling in your life today?


In Christ,

Pastor Jacob